Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why it's better to be the Captain

Paul and I took a ride to get gas yesterday. We went to Sandy Point State Park and they gas place was closed so we motored over to Hemmingways which is on the other side of the bridge and that place was closed too! While coming out of Sandy Point, saw this barge (hee hee). So after stopping for some top water action and catching a few small blues, we headed back in.

When we pulled into the marina, we went and did a quick pump out and then as soon as we started to head to the slip it started raining pretty hard. It's at this point I decided it was better to be the Captain instead of the Co-Captain. Since I can't pull the boat into the slip, I'm in charge of the lines on the bow and getting us tied down. Hmmm.... Paul was nice and dry throughout this crazy drama. Paul was backing in pretty fast and he insisted that I bring my hook up front with me (which I don't normally do) and the scene that followed was very funny. I tied on one side and was trying to keep us from hitting one of the pylons (BTW all the while IT'S POURING) and I fell down and then BLOOP down when my hook into the water. Well, when all the dust settled we got into the slip and I looked like this:

Then of course, the Captain thought it was pretty funny to take a picture of my bum.

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Linda said...

Dude, that's hysterical!! That barge company has been around for a long time!

Anonymous said...

I bet there are some really good pictures to follow from the holiday weekend--can't wait to see!

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