Sunday, June 28, 2009


We didn't head out to the boat last weekend and it's a good thing because this was captured right near the marina!! Can you believe that??!! I couldn't. Good thing we weren't there.... I probably would have panicked with little man Cole.

This weekend, we headed to the boat on Saturday for a few hours. Here is Dad and Cole chillin out. Cole is sporting his sack that Yvonne made him from scratch that provides sun protection. It's awesome.

Next weekend is the fourth of July .... Cole will be spending his first night on the boat... Stay tuned.

Monday, June 15, 2009

2 weeks old....6 lbs 11 oz

Cole is a bit little to play on his activity mat but he likes to lay on it just the same. In time, he will enjoy all the cool toys that came along with it.

Cole enjoyed coming out to the boat on Saturday for donuts and bagels and showing his Grandma around the marina. He also met some new friends - Carol and Rick, Marga and Donald and Tim, Timmy and Katelyn. We also had lunch for the first time at the Boat Yard with Cole. As loud as it is in that place, he didn't make a peep the whole time we enjoyed our lunch.

Here is Cole taking his first nap aboard Reel It In Panaroy. He was a little ramped up with excitement and didn't want to rest but eventually he had no choice but to zonk out.

So far, I'm doing okay. I don't miss that big belly - now that my prize is on the outside, it's a whole new world. Soon, Paul, Cole and I will spend our first night on the boat. It should be interesting.
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Monday, June 8, 2009

My Boating Buddies!

Part of the "birth" story that we had forgotten to mention was that once my water broke, we had to button up the boat and put the canvas on before we were able to leave. If you've been reading my blog, you'll know that we recently made a big purchase for a wonderful YETI cooler for the season. Considering how much it cost, I insisted that we lock it up because it's too big to fit down below and Paul agreed.

Well, the day before my water broke, we had gone out and done some fishing so a trip to the bait store (Anglers) was in order to pick up a chum bucket and some alewives (yuckie fish). Unfortunately in the mist of all the controlled chaos while we were buttoning things up, we remembered to lock up the cooler but didn't remember to remove the bait. YUCK! Well, the ice had completely melted especially since the drain plug was left open and the warm air was getting in the cooler and letting out the cold water and ice. If the plug had been in, we may have had a chance.

When we arrived with Cole to the boat for the first time, he and I sat in the back of the Tahoe and watched as Paul opened up the canvas and unlocked the cooler. It was not a pretty sight... needles to say, Paul was close to throwing up.
Once the air was clear, it was a green light for little Cole to come aboard his vessel! Here he is at the drivers seat. Now he won't be driving for awhile but we can tell him he tried!

Daddy took Cole down below to show him around and give him the grand tour. We can't wait to spend our first night with Cole on the boat. It's going to be just great.
Before the tour and the cooler cleaning escapade, we entered the clubhouse for our first 9am bagels and donuts ritual. First order of business was meeting Cole's new friends.

Here is Junebug with Cole.

Faron Sr. and Cole

Kathy took a ride out the marina to meet Cole too. She was very excited!

Here is Sue from Fun n Sun. Her son Devin was born a little tyke just like Cole. I'm certain it brought back some memories for her.

Of course, Junebugs Mom Laura wouldn't look away from Cole for a split second during her introduction. She was memorized.

Cole also met Charlie - the manager of Podickory Point. I saw him in the clubhouse and told him I needed a swimming pool pass for my new son. He couldn't believe we were there with him since he was only 6 days old.

Cole also met Eric of Water Privileged, Kent and his wife from Tip n Ring - who by the way had given me the voodoo circles outside my belly the night my water broke. He was hell bent on this little boy being born in Maryland. Cole also met Roger and his wife as well. He is looking forward to meeting so many more people over the next few weeks.

Hi my name is Cole! What's yours?

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh what a week.......

Tuesday... 5/26/09 - I received an early morning call from my sister - the lord had finally opened up the gates to take in my Mom. She fought so long and so hard to spend as much time with us as possible. I will miss her with all of my being - she was my everything. It is difficult knowing that she will never meet BBR but I know in my heart of hearts that she will be watching and protecting us from above....always. Rest now Mother - I love you.

Friday 5/29/09 - Paul and I headed out to the boat for the weekend. It was a chance for us to relax and reflect. We did a little fishing but it was cut short due to a wicked storm that blew through.

Saturday 5/30/09 - We did a little fishing in the morning with Faron and Junebug. The fish were just not being very cooperative so we came in early afternoon. It was a good time to kick back and relax. I think at this moment, I was sitting on the boat knitting under the cover away from the sun.

During Friday's storm, the wind blew open our dockbox so we decided now was as good a time as any to clean it out and get it re-orgainzed for the season. Doesn't she look pretty?

Here I am checking things out.

Paul continues the post.....

Hello all!

Well, what a story for this little guy joining our family!On May 30th Nancy and I were out on our boat for the weekend and relaxing. We had gotten a little fishing in on Saturday morning with Faron and Faron Jr. Good time but no fish...Faron did bring some fish from home so he fired up the fryer and made somebeer bites and spicy fries that were awesome!
So Nancy and I were off to bed around 11PM... Nancy got up at midnight and told me that she thinks her water had broke!?!? I told her to go back to bed but that was not happening...(Yes, we were spending the night on theboat, at least we were at the marina.)
I quickly threw a bunch of stuff from the boat in the SUV and put the canvas on the boat locking things up. On the road we go! Nancy told me we had to go home first... we needed to take showers because she didn't want us walking in to the hospital in t-shirts, flip flops and sun block with bug spray on us! As we left she was having contractions about every 5 min.... I told her we could pull off there in Annapolis... "No" going to our place....we can't have this baby in Maryland!
Showered up and on the road to Virginia Hospital we go. All set in a room by 3am! They looked Nancy over and told her that maybe we would have a baby by midnight. She was only dilated to 1cm....!?!? She was doing very well but wanted the Epidural before things got too bad, she wanted to enjoy this birth. That was about 8am, at that point they said they would be backaround 9am or so to check and see how things are going. I (Paul) thought that this would be a good time to go out and get some things from the truck and make a couple of calls. You know some folks were looking for us at the marina to be fishing!
Back in to the room with Nancy around 10am and she said that I missed all the news?!?! "What's going on?" Well we are at 9cm now... What's the magic number? 10 oh my... So I went out to talk with the nurse asked if I had time to get something to eat? The reply was make it quick.... So I go through the maze to the food court to find nothing but pop tarts???? That will work with a nice cup of coffee. Got back to the room and Nancy said that's all your going to eat.. all they had down there at this time. Done with the pop tart and ready for some coffee... the nurse came back in and said "OK, lets push with this next contraction"
Nancy "Push on the next one?"
Paul "Now? I haven't finished my coffee"
Nurse "Yes, time to push"
Nurse "Don't push on this one"
Nancy "What?, the contraction is coming"
Nurse "we are not ready, the doctor needs to get in here to catch him"
Paul "What...?"
Nancy "Already?"
Doctor walks in and the nurse told her to get dressed quickly..
Doctor "Oh, were going to have a baby" "hold on let me get set up"
11:45am May 31, 2009 Cole Stuart Royston joins the family!
Weight: 5Lbs 15oz
Length: 20in
Hope you enjoyed the story of our bundle of joy joining our family. Now, what all have been waiting for! The photos are on the web at this linkbelow!
All the best to everyone - Paul, Nancy and Cole

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