Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer of Fun!

It had been a quick trip to NY and we headed straight from BWI right to Reel It In Panaroy... Here is cole enjoying his little fishie friend from Kathy.
Sometimes all that excitement just really means a great nap is coming. Cole sleeps very good on the boat.

Here is Cole and I at our first raft up. We met our friends and anchored up at the horsefarm. It was our first overnight truly on the water with Cole (not in the marina). We were about 6 boats tied up. It was quiet and wonderfully cool that night. We slept with the door open and enjoyed every second.
Cole decided on Sunday that he had to enjoy some water sports too by taking a quick dip in his new pool. He seems to really like the water so far but we're not yet ready for big people pools (germs and such) and surely we are not ready for the Bay water either (germs and such).

At the end of a busy boating day, what's a kid to do but take a cool snooze in his crib. He looks so comfortable!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cole's First Plane Ride!

It was an emotional weekend for many reasons...

Cole's first plane trip to New York. Thank goodness for Southwest.... they are so nice.... since there was extra seats (on both flights coming and going) Cole was able to have his own seat. Here he is with Daddy... fast asleep.

Our trip to NY was not without purpose... we gathered lay Mom to rest. Cole didn't get to meet his Grandma on the outside but she was very excited to feel him on the inside. We gathered at the cemetary and Linda read the reading that she read when my Mom and Pete were married. It was nice. The next day, Linda and I planted flowers and made everything look pretty.

Cole finally was able to meet many of his new cousins and other family members for the first time. It was a fun reunion of sorts! Uncle Robert, Cousins Alex, Robert and Jesse and Uncle Jimmy! He also met Ms. Nilda, and Juliana. Everyone took turns holding Cole.

Cole and Cousin Jesse

Cole and Uncle Jimmy.

Cole and Uncle Robert

Cole and Juliana

Cole and Cousin Alex.

Cole and Cousin Robert.

And of course, Cole and Aunt Linda.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Fun...

We stayed around town this weekend to visit with friends and enjoy Kenny's 40th birthday party. Cole enjoyed the festivities as well as hanging with Tate, Swithin V, and Ms. Grace. He already has lots of friends as well as one new friend on the way.

We have been having this bird poop problem outside our house so after much "googling" on Al Gore's internet of this issue, we came up with this cheap solution. If you look close... you can see that I have hung CDs from the tree. Apparently, the birds will be scared by the CDs and take off (here's hoping!).

Sunday we took a walk to the farmers market but it was hot hot hot and we had to come back rather quickly to get back in the comforts of the AC :-(

Daddy had Cole in the bjorne but they both ended up in a big sweatball when all was said and done.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We headed out to the Marina on Wednesday night for a super long weekend with Cole. It was his first overnight on the boat and he did wonderful! The co sleeper worked out great and provided Cole with all the comforts of home.

Thursday morning, we headed out for our first cruise with Cole. He did wonderful. He was sacked out most of the time as you can tell.... his car seat fits perfect right next to the captain seat. Paul has an eye on him at all times.

On Saturday morning, we took an early cruise to Broad Creek where my friend Colleen and her family were anchored out from the night before on their boat. We rafted up and had a little breakfast with their rather large crew! 5 kids and 4 adults aboard their sailboat. The kids ranged from 3-7 and boy do they love the water and sailing. Here are a few of the kids getting a fishing lesson from Paul aboard Panaroy.

For the 4th, we headed over to Bill and Karen's place which is around the corner from the marina. They have a beautiful home on the water where we enjoyed the fireworks from Bill and their neighbors as well as around the bay. I was a bit worried about how Cole would react to all that noise but as you can see...

....not a care in the world! He was snug as a bug in his carseat and slept through everything.

Hope everyone had a great 4th!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009