Sunday, March 30, 2008

She still FLOATS part III

Well, with her long journey around the bend, she finally made it in the water. Phew. I think I got a few new grey hairs!

She still FLOATS part II

Oh boy, this guy just came cruising around the corner with my boat on two "sticks" like he was on the beltway. Yikes... I'm thinking, be cool - this is what they do! Then I'm thinking we just had her completely waxed. What happens if we put her in the water and she's sooooo slipperly that she just rolls over and BLOOP! Nah, that wouldn't happen, would it? It was a little drizzly but it was drizzly when we took her out too. Maybe that's a good sign? Good luck or something.

She still FLOATS!

When the boat was taken out of the water I was hiding in the clubhouse. I was quite nervous to see how that all works. This time, I thought that I would check it out. This man who operates the lift just drives around the marina picking up boats and moving them around all day long. It's like no big deal to him. Yada yada yada, let me just pick up your 30' boat and take it over here.... yada yada yada. YIKES... please don't drop her!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Let the cutting begin!

She peeled like a banana!

Help I can't reach!

I'll help you Paul :-)

Ahhhhh.... spring is upon us.

New Zincs!

Time to install the new Zincs on the boat before we drop her in on Friday!

Here is what the old Zincs look like. Yuck!

More Zincs! This Bravo III has a lot of Zinc to replace!

Ohhh, new zincs look so shiny and pretty! Thanks for protecting our engines!

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That's one big box!

Our dox box came the other day and we've got it all set up on B-18 and ready to load up with boating goodies! Thanks for your help Faron in getting this set up in the rain.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Royston GRILL!

WOOT! Our grill came today via UPS! We just ordered it on Sunday so we were surprised to see it at the door today. We saved a ton of money ordering it online even with the shipping cost. It's Magma Catalina and I know we are going to love it. We'll be cooking up a storm on it all summer long.

Sounds corny but I really wanted this little shelf that hooks to the front of the grill. We can set things on it and use it as a cutting board as well. Look how cool and useful it can be!

This is the rod holder. It attaches to the bottom of the grill and allows us to set the grill into the fishing rod holder on the boat. It's a fancy folding one so that when it's not in use, we can just fold it right on the grill to be put away.

And here is our fancy new Grill cover/bag! WOOT!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

That's sooooommmmmm wrench!

At our door today was the delivery of the wrench we need to change out our zinc on the boat before she goes in the water. This is by far the biggest wrench I have ever seen! What the heck else are we going to use this for?

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

2008 - Here we come

Our official 2008 Maryland fishing license came for Reel It In Panaroy last week. We can't wait to put the sticker on her. Paul has officially started the countdown to Trophy season. He can't wait and neither can I. Look out Rockfish... here we come.

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Sunday, March 9, 2008


Good news has come our way. We have signed our contract with Podickory and have slip # B-18. We are so very excited. We're smack dab in between two mega huge boats so Reel It In Panaroy will look so small between them but it's a great spot! WOOT!

Bought this electric kettle for our coffee and tea in the morning. It takes so long to heat up our water in the microwave that I thought that this would be the best route to go especially considering how much coffee my Paul can drink! gulp gulp gulp!

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