Friday, August 1, 2008

Our first "real" trip

As the beautiful sunrise appears over the Maryland horizon, I think of how lucky I am. Last Sunday Paul and I had left the marina early to bring Dennis, Kay and Ian back to town. In the afternoon, a wicked storm blew through and we received the following email from our friend Faron:

"You missed the nasty storms that hit yesterday around the 2pm tmeframe. When the storm hit it had heavy wind and rain that was coming from the ENE right into the marina. We had at least 4' - 5' rollers with no visibility. Both storms lasted about 2+ hours. We stayed on the boat and halfway through the first storm I notced everyone in the clubhouse looking out the windows toward Baltimore Light. Charlie (marina manager) was monitoring channel 16 when he heard the "Mayday" call. There was a 45' trawler that gave the Mayday and fourtunately a SeaRay was close enought to take the 3 persons off the boat before it sank! According to Charlie, after they took the 3 people off the boat, it sank in about 3 minutes. It went down somewhere close to the drop off between SandyPoint and Baltimore Light in 30' of water".

Yesterday I had lunch with a good friend at work. She started to tell me that she received an email from a friend of hers. They live on their boat and on Sunday, it sank! OMG. After a quick discussion, we realize that her friend was the same person that sunk off the coast of our marina on Sunday. Their 12 year old son was the one that called in the mayday and saved their lives. They lost everything they owned that day including 4 cats but they are alive.
I think of how lucky I am.

We had a guest on board the Reel It In Panaroy for the night as JuneBug took the ride with us to the marina since his parents won't be arriving until later this morning. We'll be motoring out soon so more later.
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Linda said...

Wow, amazing story. Thank God they are ok...things can be replaced, people cannot. Can't wait to see more of the weekend happenings aboard.

faron said...

thanks for the great pic of me nanc