Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Searching for Spaniards

We set out early Saturday morning in search of the Spaniards (that's Spanish Mackerel for those of you "non" fishing folks). Here is Junebug motoring us down to the fishing hole south of the bridge down by Bloody Point.
So we got into the blues while we were there. I finally caught my first fish live lining. That's when you take a live bait fish and hook him in the back and let him swim around to get eaten up by the bigger fish (for you "non" fishing folks). I was pretty jazzed up since I had tried it a bunch of times with no luck. You have to be patient because you want the fish to take the little bugger for at least 5 seconds before you snap the line and sometimes, I get a little excited and can't wait and that costs the the fish.
On a side note, on one of the last fish I was reeling in, I had a little accident and my fishing rod went SNAP! omg my rod broke right in half but I got the fish!!! I had only had my pole for 10 months so I took a ride to AllTackle where Paul and I spent an ASSLOAD of cash gearing up the boat. I think the guy felt sorry for me so he just gave me a new rod! WOOT!!!
Brand spanking shiny new rod. It was a good day after all.
We never did find those Spaniards that day but boy did we have fun trying! Junebug and I were fishing off the bow and he caught a bunch of fish with the infamous bass assassins.

On Sunday while Paul and I were waiting for Jesse and friends, we went to catch some bait fish (spot) at our special spot spot. I reeled this fish above in. EEEEWWWWW. This thing is fugly. Yes, I said FUGLY. Some call it a "mother in law" because it's so ugly but the real name for this fish is a Oyster toadfish. Read up on this guy though, he's been to space!! LOL.

Kristen and Jesse come for a visit. They enjoyed the ride even though we didn't get into many fish.

Later that night, Paul worked hard to make us some beer bites with the blue fish that we had caught. 1/2 tempora and 1/2 bisquick mixed with beer (thanks Scott & Ann!). And I don't particularly like blue fish but fixing this way made it taste really good! Thanks to Laura for carting down the fryer (again).

Now who wouldn't like a bite of that?

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