Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The fruits of our LABOR...

This is why we work, welcome to our Labor Day weekend.

Friday was a washout so we left Saturday and headed to Great Oak Marina in Fairlee Creek. It has quite the tricky entrance/exit which is hard to explain. Boats hug the shoreline on the right and make a 90 degree right hand turn to get into the creek. While you make that turn there is quite the current that can, often times, scoop up control over the boats and take them away. There are a crowd of people watching all the boats maneuver this turn that give you a scoring system depending on how well (or not so well you do). I think we got an 8 but I was very busy checking things out.
Below is a sailboat that just couldn't make it. He got stuck in the middle of the very small channel and blocked it up for hours. They had to call the tow boat for help.
Looking around for the perfect spot. There were raft ups everywhere.
what r u doing

Morning sunrise from the back of the boat. Does it get any better? It's certainly quiet at 6:15 in the am.

Midmorning nap. Phew it's so much work out here. All this fun and sun!

Hey! Wanna go for a ride?

How about a slow ride with the Kunert's - we're heading off to the beach.

Ahhhh, finally some knitting time.

Danny, Faron and Junebug head out to make a trash run! What do you think we do with the trash we make?
Our raft up! Reel It In Panaroy, Double Duty, Salacia, Final Touch, & Fun n Sun.
Oh what a weekend!!!
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Linda said...

Looks like so much fun.