Monday, July 28, 2008

Boat Maintenance

When you have a boat, there is always something to do, fix, or clean. The project this week was to change the poop tank filter aka the head system filter. The purpose of this filter is to keep the poop tank from stinkin' by absorbing the odors and fumes via the activated charcoal or carbon. How does it work (clink my link)? And you know, with Paul around, the odors could be potentially harmful and damaging.

This filter, however, costs $90! Who knew. Seemed outrageous. So Paul did some research on Al Gore's WWW and found a way to make our existing poop tank filter "rechargeable" and only spend about $4.50 instead of the proposed marine $90. I never saw Paul so excited to come home from the marina early until yesterday so while I started on our post weekend chores, he started his project.

When I heard the saw going, I ran out and found this in action:

Our existing disposable filter had been cut in half! The charcoal was quickly disposed of and Paul got to work prepping the ends for the coupler.

After two trips to Home Depot and the pet store to pick up the carbon pellets - the project was complete and boy was Paul proud. Now all we have to do to refill this pupy is unscrew the coupler and replace with fresh carbon pellets.

The true test will be the install back on Reel It In Panaroy on Thursday.

Ahh the sweet SMELL of success!

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