Monday, October 12, 2009

Visitor Fun!

Cole was pretty jazzed to get home and settle back in. He's such a happy boy. Soon he heard that his Aunt Linda and Cousin Alex were coming for a visit and he couldn't wait.

Aunt Linda and Cole were having a good 'ole time. Alex was a tad bit under the weather so they didn't get to play at all.

Aunt Linda and Alex watched Cole so Mom and Dad could go out to dinner. It was a relaxing and wonderful meal knowing that our little Cole was in the safe hands of family. It's hard not having family nearby. Paul and I struggle with that each day. We want Cole to know his family but it's so hard being so far away: New York, Florida, Georgia, Montana, Washington State, Texas, California. Everyone we love is just all over the place. I guess one good thing.... we have lots of people and places to visit!

Aunt Linda and Cole chit chatting about stuff.

Later, a new friend came to visit. Brooks! It's so hard to imagine Cole getting to be that big at some point. Brooks turned 1 in July and he's is as cute as ever. He's walking, drinking from a cup and is a very curious little boy.
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More of August....

With all the traveling we have been doing a bath was in order! Cole loves to get in the tub, I just can't imagine when he gets bigger. I imagine that he'll be a splish splashing fool! Daddy is a great bath giver....!

Since our boat was not ready for pickup, we decided to take a drive to surprise Josh down in Kings Bay, Georgia. It was a long ride in the car but totally worth it. Josh and Cole finally got to meet. It was a wonderful "reunion" of sorts. Brother to Brother.

Cole didn't want our few days with Josh to end. We were having fun on the beach and hanging out on Amelia Island. Next time they see each other, Cole will be 6 months old and very different. These are the moments to treasure.

So on our way back from Georgia, we received a call from Shady Side Sea Ray and learned that yet again, our boat was not yet ready for pick up. So we decided to take a detour to visit our friends Dennis & Kay in Charlotte. Now I'm not one to call up people and muscle my way over to their houses but that's what happened.
Nancy: "Hey watcha doing?"
Kay: "Not much, just chillin"
Nancy: "We're at the NC border, want some company for a few days?"
Kay: "Sure! Come on over"

Dennis and Kay were great, especially considering they were already having guests for the weekend. They took us in like some stray dogs looking for food. It was a blast.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So our trip to Montana was two fold.... (1) Meet and greet EVERYONE! and (2) Paul's 20 year High School reunion. The evening we got in there was a "social" at a local bar. Paul only graduated with 67 people which I find to be very funny. Anyway..... that day overall was the longest ever! I had gotten up to feed Cole at 3:30am and since we had to get up at 4:30 anyway to get ready to leave, I figured, oh well... just stay up. Kenny picked us up at 6:00 and we headed to the airport. FFWD to the bar.... tick tock with the time change it was midnight but really 2am our time.... I finally convinced Paul that we had to leave. We had officially almost been awake for 24 hours. It was fun to meet and see some of Paul's old buddies. The next day there was a full day of fun at a lake and Cole had a blast. It was a bit hot (very hot for Montana) but we made due.DSC_0902

Lots of fun things happen at this reunion party….. 





Corn hole was played       A LOT. 




Beer was “drunk” A LOT. 



Kids were swimming, fishing, boating and overall just having a ton of fun.  Oh….. did I mention that I ate my very first CRAWDAD??!!!  Thanks to EJ for showing me the ropes on that!


So we were staying at Grandma's place and again, Cole and Great Grandma were like pDSC_0961eas and carrots!   They were always chatting and hanging out.  They mostly talked about us moving to Montana and how great that would be.  Cole would be the most spoiled great grandson there is!

Cole also was able to meet a longtime friend, Judy Hadlock.  Ms. Judy was a teacher of Paul as well as Josh.  I think Cole is telling her that he isn’t ready for school just yet, but DSC_1019he is going to work hard to make her proud!  Judy got Cole some wonderful books and we’ve been reading and reading….it’s never too early.


People in Montana do funny things like have barn parties and roast ENTIRE pigs to feed everyone.  Cole was great as we attended such a function.  He got to see his first real live horse although, I don’t have a picture of that.  Dad was very busy taking pictures of other important things.DSC_1087  It was fun… there was great food, music, horses, pigs, porta johns… well you get my drift.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

July .....

I'm going to try to get you all updated on the Royston's happenings.... The rest of July was crazy. We spent a few more days on the boat and it was time to get home, do laundry and get packing. We had Cole's 2 month appointment on the 29th where we weighed in at a whopping 10lbs 14oz and 22 1/2" long! He was due for shots but because we were heading on a plan in 2 days we decided to wait until we got back.

It's always fun hanging out with Daddy!

So on 7/31 we headed out of dodge to head to the Big Sky country Montana. Cole was super excited to (1) get on a plane again (although we didn't tell him how long the flight was going to be and (2) Meet his new Great Grandma!

From the minute we arrived Cole and Great Grandma were like peas and carrots!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Traveling Fools!

We have been traveling all over... Montana, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina. Cole has been great. I will have pictures and stories up shortly!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer of Fun!

It had been a quick trip to NY and we headed straight from BWI right to Reel It In Panaroy... Here is cole enjoying his little fishie friend from Kathy.
Sometimes all that excitement just really means a great nap is coming. Cole sleeps very good on the boat.

Here is Cole and I at our first raft up. We met our friends and anchored up at the horsefarm. It was our first overnight truly on the water with Cole (not in the marina). We were about 6 boats tied up. It was quiet and wonderfully cool that night. We slept with the door open and enjoyed every second.
Cole decided on Sunday that he had to enjoy some water sports too by taking a quick dip in his new pool. He seems to really like the water so far but we're not yet ready for big people pools (germs and such) and surely we are not ready for the Bay water either (germs and such).

At the end of a busy boating day, what's a kid to do but take a cool snooze in his crib. He looks so comfortable!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cole's First Plane Ride!

It was an emotional weekend for many reasons...

Cole's first plane trip to New York. Thank goodness for Southwest.... they are so nice.... since there was extra seats (on both flights coming and going) Cole was able to have his own seat. Here he is with Daddy... fast asleep.

Our trip to NY was not without purpose... we gathered lay Mom to rest. Cole didn't get to meet his Grandma on the outside but she was very excited to feel him on the inside. We gathered at the cemetary and Linda read the reading that she read when my Mom and Pete were married. It was nice. The next day, Linda and I planted flowers and made everything look pretty.

Cole finally was able to meet many of his new cousins and other family members for the first time. It was a fun reunion of sorts! Uncle Robert, Cousins Alex, Robert and Jesse and Uncle Jimmy! He also met Ms. Nilda, and Juliana. Everyone took turns holding Cole.

Cole and Cousin Jesse

Cole and Uncle Jimmy.

Cole and Uncle Robert

Cole and Juliana

Cole and Cousin Alex.

Cole and Cousin Robert.

And of course, Cole and Aunt Linda.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Fun...

We stayed around town this weekend to visit with friends and enjoy Kenny's 40th birthday party. Cole enjoyed the festivities as well as hanging with Tate, Swithin V, and Ms. Grace. He already has lots of friends as well as one new friend on the way.

We have been having this bird poop problem outside our house so after much "googling" on Al Gore's internet of this issue, we came up with this cheap solution. If you look close... you can see that I have hung CDs from the tree. Apparently, the birds will be scared by the CDs and take off (here's hoping!).

Sunday we took a walk to the farmers market but it was hot hot hot and we had to come back rather quickly to get back in the comforts of the AC :-(

Daddy had Cole in the bjorne but they both ended up in a big sweatball when all was said and done.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We headed out to the Marina on Wednesday night for a super long weekend with Cole. It was his first overnight on the boat and he did wonderful! The co sleeper worked out great and provided Cole with all the comforts of home.

Thursday morning, we headed out for our first cruise with Cole. He did wonderful. He was sacked out most of the time as you can tell.... his car seat fits perfect right next to the captain seat. Paul has an eye on him at all times.

On Saturday morning, we took an early cruise to Broad Creek where my friend Colleen and her family were anchored out from the night before on their boat. We rafted up and had a little breakfast with their rather large crew! 5 kids and 4 adults aboard their sailboat. The kids ranged from 3-7 and boy do they love the water and sailing. Here are a few of the kids getting a fishing lesson from Paul aboard Panaroy.

For the 4th, we headed over to Bill and Karen's place which is around the corner from the marina. They have a beautiful home on the water where we enjoyed the fireworks from Bill and their neighbors as well as around the bay. I was a bit worried about how Cole would react to all that noise but as you can see...

....not a care in the world! He was snug as a bug in his carseat and slept through everything.

Hope everyone had a great 4th!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009


We didn't head out to the boat last weekend and it's a good thing because this was captured right near the marina!! Can you believe that??!! I couldn't. Good thing we weren't there.... I probably would have panicked with little man Cole.

This weekend, we headed to the boat on Saturday for a few hours. Here is Dad and Cole chillin out. Cole is sporting his sack that Yvonne made him from scratch that provides sun protection. It's awesome.

Next weekend is the fourth of July .... Cole will be spending his first night on the boat... Stay tuned.

Monday, June 15, 2009

2 weeks old....6 lbs 11 oz

Cole is a bit little to play on his activity mat but he likes to lay on it just the same. In time, he will enjoy all the cool toys that came along with it.

Cole enjoyed coming out to the boat on Saturday for donuts and bagels and showing his Grandma around the marina. He also met some new friends - Carol and Rick, Marga and Donald and Tim, Timmy and Katelyn. We also had lunch for the first time at the Boat Yard with Cole. As loud as it is in that place, he didn't make a peep the whole time we enjoyed our lunch.

Here is Cole taking his first nap aboard Reel It In Panaroy. He was a little ramped up with excitement and didn't want to rest but eventually he had no choice but to zonk out.

So far, I'm doing okay. I don't miss that big belly - now that my prize is on the outside, it's a whole new world. Soon, Paul, Cole and I will spend our first night on the boat. It should be interesting.
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