Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here we go again!

Spring time is upon us and it was time to get Reel It In Panaroy ready for her first splash into the Chesapeake. Below, Paul makes some last minute adjustments to ensure the plugs are tightened up and we don't sink!

Carl had come out and did the boat waxing for us as well as the bottom paint. We had him raise the line on each side of the boat which is awesome. This will keep the boat from getting a bad water line this season. Paul and I were pretty diligent to keep her clean last season but this will keep her cleaner!

She even got her motors painted.... oh how pretty!
Here comes Rick to take her away. I hate to watch this part but he's a trained professional so I don't worry as much anymore. At least it wasn't raining this time!

She goes up so high in the air... it's amazing that something can pick her up.

Back the train up and away we go!
Making her way past the boatel and around the bend.
After a quick stop where Rick double checks the plugs... in she goes... bloop!

Such the proud fisherman! Let the games begin.

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Anonymous said...

it looks good. enjoy

Linda said...

Looking good!! I hope I get to see her in person someday!