Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's a YETI! WOOT!

It was time to breakdown and get a REAL cooler for this season so here she is... our brand new YETI. Paul and I have gone through some coolers since we got our boat and this one will be the keeper. It was costly but I consider it an investment in our boat. We went ahead and spent the extra $$ for the cushion so that we can use that as a seat during fishing season since we take out the back seat during this time. We can't wait to use her and know that she'll do us right by holding her ice and keeping our overflow of food and beverages cold from our tiny fridge cold. Ok YETI, do us proud.
2009 Trophy Season opening day April 18, 2009!

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Linda said...

Now that is one kick ass cooler!! Whooo!!!