Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Opening Day - Rockfish Beware!

It was a beautiful opening day on the Chesapeake. With the Montana crew aboard Reel it in Panaroy, we headed out about 6am just as the sun was peaking up over the horizon. It was, as always, a glorious sight.
Marko reeled in the first one of the day. She was a biggen - 28 1/2"!! It was crazy for a few minutes getting her in but once he did, oh how proud he was.

Next up was Doug. 38 1/2" - need I say more? We thought with that one we would be in the running for the tournament.

Dan was next up. Now... his wasn't the biggest one of the day but catching these fish are really just a bonus next to spending the day on a boat with some good 'ole friends. It was a day to remember.

Oh and by the way.... BBR and I were there too!
More pics to come.....


wishbone said...

Cool pictures! Pretty remarkable given how tight fishing was on opening day. Good job.

Linda said...

Great catch, guys! BBR has grown since Easter!!!