Monday, September 8, 2008

The day after...

The day after Hanna proved to be a glorious day on the Chesapeake. It was as if she never existed. The sun was shining and the boys were smiling!

The fishing "lords" were with us this fine day as Junebug pulled in a 20" flounder. She was a beauty! I pulled in a couple of small ones but those had to go back because they were too small. They are tough to catch but boy are they yummie.

Did you know that flounder have some pretty sharp teeth?

We got into the blues pretty good (caught around 20) and then all of a sudden there she was.... Paul had caught our very first SPANIARD (that's Spanish Mackerel for you non fishing folks). We were very exicited. This fish is very beautiful. She was also very good to eat! YUMMIE!

Around the time that we were hooking up all those blues, we started to see sting rays. Thousands and thousands of sting rays. These are just some beautifully dangerous creatures. The way they glide in the water and these were funny because they were in huge packs all around where the fish were. I tried hard to get a picture but I was just so excited, it was pretty hard. I did (by accident) take this very very short video but you can see what I'm taking about here.

To end our glorious day, we had the smoothest water we've seen in quite awhile. Smooth like a babys bottom.

Well Stimpy.... dis is the life.

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Linda said...

Dude, the way you say it is...

Well Stimpy....dis is DEE lifeeeeeeeee!!! ;)