Monday, October 12, 2009

Visitor Fun!

Cole was pretty jazzed to get home and settle back in. He's such a happy boy. Soon he heard that his Aunt Linda and Cousin Alex were coming for a visit and he couldn't wait.

Aunt Linda and Cole were having a good 'ole time. Alex was a tad bit under the weather so they didn't get to play at all.

Aunt Linda and Alex watched Cole so Mom and Dad could go out to dinner. It was a relaxing and wonderful meal knowing that our little Cole was in the safe hands of family. It's hard not having family nearby. Paul and I struggle with that each day. We want Cole to know his family but it's so hard being so far away: New York, Florida, Georgia, Montana, Washington State, Texas, California. Everyone we love is just all over the place. I guess one good thing.... we have lots of people and places to visit!

Aunt Linda and Cole chit chatting about stuff.

Later, a new friend came to visit. Brooks! It's so hard to imagine Cole getting to be that big at some point. Brooks turned 1 in July and he's is as cute as ever. He's walking, drinking from a cup and is a very curious little boy.
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Linda said...

See you tomorrow little man, Aunt Linda can't wait to play with you...and cousin Alex too. :)

Anonymous said...

so good to be with friend and family love Madeleine xoxoxo

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Anonymous said...

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Shanae Branham said...

Cute boy! I am your newest follower.