Monday, October 12, 2009

More of August....

With all the traveling we have been doing a bath was in order! Cole loves to get in the tub, I just can't imagine when he gets bigger. I imagine that he'll be a splish splashing fool! Daddy is a great bath giver....!

Since our boat was not ready for pickup, we decided to take a drive to surprise Josh down in Kings Bay, Georgia. It was a long ride in the car but totally worth it. Josh and Cole finally got to meet. It was a wonderful "reunion" of sorts. Brother to Brother.

Cole didn't want our few days with Josh to end. We were having fun on the beach and hanging out on Amelia Island. Next time they see each other, Cole will be 6 months old and very different. These are the moments to treasure.

So on our way back from Georgia, we received a call from Shady Side Sea Ray and learned that yet again, our boat was not yet ready for pick up. So we decided to take a detour to visit our friends Dennis & Kay in Charlotte. Now I'm not one to call up people and muscle my way over to their houses but that's what happened.
Nancy: "Hey watcha doing?"
Kay: "Not much, just chillin"
Nancy: "We're at the NC border, want some company for a few days?"
Kay: "Sure! Come on over"

Dennis and Kay were great, especially considering they were already having guests for the weekend. They took us in like some stray dogs looking for food. It was a blast.
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Linda said...

Great pictures of Josh and Cole.