Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So our trip to Montana was two fold.... (1) Meet and greet EVERYONE! and (2) Paul's 20 year High School reunion. The evening we got in there was a "social" at a local bar. Paul only graduated with 67 people which I find to be very funny. Anyway..... that day overall was the longest ever! I had gotten up to feed Cole at 3:30am and since we had to get up at 4:30 anyway to get ready to leave, I figured, oh well... just stay up. Kenny picked us up at 6:00 and we headed to the airport. FFWD to the bar.... tick tock with the time change it was midnight but really 2am our time.... I finally convinced Paul that we had to leave. We had officially almost been awake for 24 hours. It was fun to meet and see some of Paul's old buddies. The next day there was a full day of fun at a lake and Cole had a blast. It was a bit hot (very hot for Montana) but we made due.DSC_0902

Lots of fun things happen at this reunion party….. 





Corn hole was played       A LOT. 




Beer was “drunk” A LOT. 



Kids were swimming, fishing, boating and overall just having a ton of fun.  Oh….. did I mention that I ate my very first CRAWDAD??!!!  Thanks to EJ for showing me the ropes on that!


So we were staying at Grandma's place and again, Cole and Great Grandma were like pDSC_0961eas and carrots!   They were always chatting and hanging out.  They mostly talked about us moving to Montana and how great that would be.  Cole would be the most spoiled great grandson there is!

Cole also was able to meet a longtime friend, Judy Hadlock.  Ms. Judy was a teacher of Paul as well as Josh.  I think Cole is telling her that he isn’t ready for school just yet, but DSC_1019he is going to work hard to make her proud!  Judy got Cole some wonderful books and we’ve been reading and reading….it’s never too early.


People in Montana do funny things like have barn parties and roast ENTIRE pigs to feed everyone.  Cole was great as we attended such a function.  He got to see his first real live horse although, I don’t have a picture of that.  Dad was very busy taking pictures of other important things.DSC_1087  It was fun… there was great food, music, horses, pigs, porta johns… well you get my drift.


Linda said...

Ewww on the pigs...but I love the picture of Cole with Miss Judy. :)

april said...

Cole seams to be a so good complains