Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer of Fun!

It had been a quick trip to NY and we headed straight from BWI right to Reel It In Panaroy... Here is cole enjoying his little fishie friend from Kathy.
Sometimes all that excitement just really means a great nap is coming. Cole sleeps very good on the boat.

Here is Cole and I at our first raft up. We met our friends and anchored up at the horsefarm. It was our first overnight truly on the water with Cole (not in the marina). We were about 6 boats tied up. It was quiet and wonderfully cool that night. We slept with the door open and enjoyed every second.
Cole decided on Sunday that he had to enjoy some water sports too by taking a quick dip in his new pool. He seems to really like the water so far but we're not yet ready for big people pools (germs and such) and surely we are not ready for the Bay water either (germs and such).

At the end of a busy boating day, what's a kid to do but take a cool snooze in his crib. He looks so comfortable!


Kevin said...

Cole and mom and dad look very relaxed on the boat. Love the last photo with his hands behind his head - what a poser!

Linda said...

He is going to grow up to totally love the water and everything about it!

april said...

he seem at peace enjoy it flies so fast

love Madeleine