Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Fun...

We stayed around town this weekend to visit with friends and enjoy Kenny's 40th birthday party. Cole enjoyed the festivities as well as hanging with Tate, Swithin V, and Ms. Grace. He already has lots of friends as well as one new friend on the way.

We have been having this bird poop problem outside our house so after much "googling" on Al Gore's internet of this issue, we came up with this cheap solution. If you look close... you can see that I have hung CDs from the tree. Apparently, the birds will be scared by the CDs and take off (here's hoping!).

Sunday we took a walk to the farmers market but it was hot hot hot and we had to come back rather quickly to get back in the comforts of the AC :-(

Daddy had Cole in the bjorne but they both ended up in a big sweatball when all was said and done.


Linda said...

Is the CD trick working?

It's rough to breathe with a blankie over your head, dad. ;)

EPI HI Adventures said...

Hi Nancy, We just started a blog for our next adventure - still trying to figure all of this out. Any suggestions are much appreciated! :)ann (I think it will link you to our blog? If not let me know and I will type it out)