Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cole's First Plane Ride!

It was an emotional weekend for many reasons...

Cole's first plane trip to New York. Thank goodness for Southwest.... they are so nice.... since there was extra seats (on both flights coming and going) Cole was able to have his own seat. Here he is with Daddy... fast asleep.

Our trip to NY was not without purpose... we gathered lay Mom to rest. Cole didn't get to meet his Grandma on the outside but she was very excited to feel him on the inside. We gathered at the cemetary and Linda read the reading that she read when my Mom and Pete were married. It was nice. The next day, Linda and I planted flowers and made everything look pretty.

Cole finally was able to meet many of his new cousins and other family members for the first time. It was a fun reunion of sorts! Uncle Robert, Cousins Alex, Robert and Jesse and Uncle Jimmy! He also met Ms. Nilda, and Juliana. Everyone took turns holding Cole.

Cole and Cousin Jesse

Cole and Uncle Jimmy.

Cole and Uncle Robert

Cole and Juliana

Cole and Cousin Alex.

Cole and Cousin Robert.

And of course, Cole and Aunt Linda.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the pictures

nice familly Denise most be very proud

love Madeleine

Linda said...

Great update, love all the pictures...especially Cole and Uncle Jimmy, they have the same open mouth thing going on! HAHAHA!