Monday, March 17, 2008

That's sooooommmmmm wrench!

At our door today was the delivery of the wrench we need to change out our zinc on the boat before she goes in the water. This is by far the biggest wrench I have ever seen! What the heck else are we going to use this for?

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Anonymous said...

just a tip on boat parts nan if you are a member of boat usa you can call any of their shops in the directory and they do a loan for members like the gimbal bearing tool we needed for the outdrive last year one of the shops i called said come on down if we had to buy it it would have been almost 300.00 it was free to take and we returned it (left a 50 deposit) which we got back

Paul & Nancy said...

Damn, wish we knew that before we bought it but we'll be needing it every year to replace those parts anyway.