Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Royston GRILL!

WOOT! Our grill came today via UPS! We just ordered it on Sunday so we were surprised to see it at the door today. We saved a ton of money ordering it online even with the shipping cost. It's Magma Catalina and I know we are going to love it. We'll be cooking up a storm on it all summer long.

Sounds corny but I really wanted this little shelf that hooks to the front of the grill. We can set things on it and use it as a cutting board as well. Look how cool and useful it can be!

This is the rod holder. It attaches to the bottom of the grill and allows us to set the grill into the fishing rod holder on the boat. It's a fancy folding one so that when it's not in use, we can just fold it right on the grill to be put away.

And here is our fancy new Grill cover/bag! WOOT!

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Anonymous said...

Hey i wanted one of those tom said no too nervous with the engine right there aaaahhh maybe when we get a bigger boat : )

Linda said...