Monday, June 8, 2009

My Boating Buddies!

Part of the "birth" story that we had forgotten to mention was that once my water broke, we had to button up the boat and put the canvas on before we were able to leave. If you've been reading my blog, you'll know that we recently made a big purchase for a wonderful YETI cooler for the season. Considering how much it cost, I insisted that we lock it up because it's too big to fit down below and Paul agreed.

Well, the day before my water broke, we had gone out and done some fishing so a trip to the bait store (Anglers) was in order to pick up a chum bucket and some alewives (yuckie fish). Unfortunately in the mist of all the controlled chaos while we were buttoning things up, we remembered to lock up the cooler but didn't remember to remove the bait. YUCK! Well, the ice had completely melted especially since the drain plug was left open and the warm air was getting in the cooler and letting out the cold water and ice. If the plug had been in, we may have had a chance.

When we arrived with Cole to the boat for the first time, he and I sat in the back of the Tahoe and watched as Paul opened up the canvas and unlocked the cooler. It was not a pretty sight... needles to say, Paul was close to throwing up.
Once the air was clear, it was a green light for little Cole to come aboard his vessel! Here he is at the drivers seat. Now he won't be driving for awhile but we can tell him he tried!

Daddy took Cole down below to show him around and give him the grand tour. We can't wait to spend our first night with Cole on the boat. It's going to be just great.
Before the tour and the cooler cleaning escapade, we entered the clubhouse for our first 9am bagels and donuts ritual. First order of business was meeting Cole's new friends.

Here is Junebug with Cole.

Faron Sr. and Cole

Kathy took a ride out the marina to meet Cole too. She was very excited!

Here is Sue from Fun n Sun. Her son Devin was born a little tyke just like Cole. I'm certain it brought back some memories for her.

Of course, Junebugs Mom Laura wouldn't look away from Cole for a split second during her introduction. She was memorized.

Cole also met Charlie - the manager of Podickory Point. I saw him in the clubhouse and told him I needed a swimming pool pass for my new son. He couldn't believe we were there with him since he was only 6 days old.

Cole also met Eric of Water Privileged, Kent and his wife from Tip n Ring - who by the way had given me the voodoo circles outside my belly the night my water broke. He was hell bent on this little boy being born in Maryland. Cole also met Roger and his wife as well. He is looking forward to meeting so many more people over the next few weeks.

Hi my name is Cole! What's yours?

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Anonymous said...

so tiny and so perfect

love madeleine qc.

Linda said...

Great post and pictures! So many people holding my nephew...they better have washed their hands! HAHAHA! I love the blanket, it is so beautiful!