Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seattle Guest.

We had a wonderful weekend visitor a few weeks ago. How lame of me not to get up this post. Kevin was here from Seattle! We were so missing Mandy though and hope that they can make it back to DC in the spring to enjoy the boat with us. Kevin and I were up early to catch the rising sun. Being that he is already an early riser, it seemed easy for him but I still couldn't help to think that it was really only 3am his time but damn (as usual), it was worth it.
I find that seeing that sunrise makes it all worth it. While I don't get up for it every weekend, I try to. It is really one of God's true gifts. People that know me, know that I don't but anything on my fridge at home. No magnets, no cartoon cutouts etc (it's a clutter thing - thanks Pete). But for the past few months, I've had one picture on that fridge. A picture of the sunrise over the Chesapeake Bay.

Later, we went for a cruise. (It was very windy in the morning so fishing was out.) We had seen this crazy huge sailboat from off in the distance so we went exploring to see it close up. I think Kevin enjoyed our cruise even though it was kinda short. We did get really close up to that sailboat and boy was it magnificent.

After we got back, it was the day of the annual crab feast at the marina. Kevin was happy to join in with us and eat all the crabs we could clean and drink and be merry. It was so great to catch up with him. The sun was shining and we talked about everything under the sun. He had to head out that day and see other friends before heading back to Seattle so we said so long and see you soon!

We had wished that Kevin was able to stay with us one more day because OF COURSE, the next day was a great day for fishing. The sun was shining and phew, it got even a little hot. Paul was getting his line chomped in this picture. Not much bait left is there?

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Linda said...

Very cool sunrise photo but that sailboat is amazing!! Wow!! I hope that someday I'll be able to come down and enjoy some time on Reel It In Panaroy.

Anonymous said...

Mandie wishes she were there, too! Those pics are beautiful! You should know, tho, that I am bound and determined to get back there to visit you and for a stay on the boat in 2009! Will make it happen!

Thanks for being so hospitable to K. He often talks about how you two are "livin the dream, baby" ... and what a great time he had with you!