Thursday, November 8, 2007

Our first fishing weekend!

Here we are on our perfect morning. Paul's getting ready to take us out!

Pulling out of the Marina...

The sun was just coming up over the Chesapeake.

Here is Nancy fishing from the bow. I think I'm going to have to work on my balance over the winter. Just like Mr. Miyagi says, "Musta have balance". I did catch one from up there!

We caught a ton of fish but nothing that we could keep. The size minimum is 18" on the rock fish so we just had fun catching and releasing. See my shiny new pole and reel!

We stopped for lunch at Kentmoor Restaurant. After Paul, Faron, Faron Jr. and I had a hearty bunch of crabs for lunch, we hopped back in the boat to leave and make our first trip the gas station. I won't ever complain about filling up our truck EVER again! Reel It In Panaroy has 2 gas tanks totaling 230 gallons! Gas on the water is more than gas on land so you can do the math. OUCH. But, it's a small price to pay for all the fun we're going to have on her.

The last bit of drama for the day was when Faron Sr. made the big catch of the day... and it wasn't the kind of catch you take home and fry up in a pan....

Paul sprung into quick action to save Mr. Bird. He got soaked on the swim platform but went to work to save him.
Thankfully, Mr. Bird did not get hooked. He only got a little tangled in the line. Paul got it taken care of and Mr. Bird started to get a little crazy. He jumped off the swim platform with the towel that Paul was using to protect his hands. Mr. Bird was in the water with the towel covering him! Mr. Bird was drowning! We had to save Mr. Bird. Faron Sr. put the boat in action.... Paul quickly got the boat hook and when we got close to him, he lifted the towel off of Mr. Bird and he flew away. Phew... disaster averted. That sure wouldn't have been good if we had killed a bird on our first fishing trip out now would it?


Linda said...

Only the first picture lets me open it large? Great blog of your first fishing trip :)

mom said...

what fun and drama,great journal,love ro read all about your fishing trip.Have fun